Dueling Patriarchies and Ecuadorian Indian-State Relations: Book Completion

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2005

Project Description/Abstract

: I seek course release time to complete revisions to my book “Dueling Patriarchies: Gender, Indians, and Nation-State Formation in Nineteenth-Century Ecuador,” plus $1800 for costs related to revisions. The manuscript is under advanced contract with the University of Arizona Press. This monograph explores nation making from the perspectives of state officials and indigenous men and women. It not only addresses Ecuadorian nation making as a contested and negotiated historical development, but it also helps to explain the importance of gender in contemporary indigenous politics in Ecuador. Having spent several years collecting and analyzing a variety of archival evidence, I am in final phases of revising the manuscript for publication. Three chapters need significant restructuring or reconsideration before publication; the grant would allow me to devote significant time to these chapters and meet my July 1, 2006 deadline for submission and result in a monograph of the highest quality.

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