Green Chemistry Synthesis of Indole-based Organic Conducting Polymers

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2006

Project Description/Abstract

Conducting polymers have received significant attention since first reported 25 years ago, but with the potential for world-wide commercial applications, little attention has been paid to the potential health and environment risks. The most common conducting polymersare prepared from aniline which is a carcinogen, and its environmental impact has not been evaluated. The goal of this research is to investigate a “green chemistry” polymer synthesis based on non-toxic, naturally occurring indoles. The first phase of this research will be conducted at BSC in summer 2005 focusing on developing a synthesis of polyindole, and preliminary characterization of the polymer products. The second phase will be conducted during my sabbatical in 2005-06 at UMASS Lowell, and involve advanced methods of polymer synthesis, and for evaluating conducting polymers derived from natural compounds, and enchancing the field of green chemistry in buiding a “tool box” of new methods applicable to the synthesis of other materials.

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