Large Marine Animal Costal Dynamics in the Waters off New England with Focus on Basking Sharks, Ocean Sunfish and Marine Turtles

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2006

Project Description/Abstract

Since 1973, I have been involved in collaborative marine mammal research, especially the study of baleen whales, in the New England area. I now propose to expand the research focus to include other marine animals, especially basking sharks, ocean sunfish and marine turtles. The project will involve the research and the development and integration of new research techniques into the curriculum and internship opportunities. Data and photographic images that will be used to understand the biology and ecology of the basking shark and the ocean sunfish and to create a photo-ID catalog of individual animals observed offshore. I am requesting a grant award to support the purchase of research equipment to improve our data collection and management capabilities offshore as well as enhance our analysis capabilities in the laboratory. One of the most significant needs is to upgrade film cameras to digital cameras with telephoto lenses and memory cards.

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