Diversity, Community, and Citizenship: How Provincetown and Asbury Park, NJ, Residents Respond to New Demographic and Sociocultural Realities

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2007

Project Description/Abstract

My study of Provincetown undertaken in 1995-2004, resulted in a book, The Courage to Connect: Sexuality, Citizenship, and Community in Provincetown (U Illinois 2004), in which I explored how long-time residents of Provincetown, many Portuguese and working-class, accommodated a growing influx of gay men and lesbians to promote a sexually diverse community culture. Like Provincetown, Asbury Park, New Jersey, has also faced a population shift in recent years, which has led to escalating property values and deteriorating opportunities for working class residents to afford to live in town. This research project aims to gather data on social changes in Asbury Park over a six-month period, from July 1-December, 2007. I will also attend and present a paper at the 7th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations in Amsterdam in July, 2007, to learn about global diversity scholarship. I will use the results of this research to investigate how citizens in Asbury Park have accommodated to the changing demographic make-up of their town, and to compare and contrast social change processes in the two communities.

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