Professional Growth and Research into the Japanese’s Wood Fire Aesthetics

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2007

Project Description/Abstract

As a visual artist and a tenured faculty member of Bridgewater State College it is important for me personally and professionally to continually research and expose myself to other artists and the numerous techniques involved in my professional field. It is equally important for me to continually produce new creative work, pursue locations to exhibit work, send out photographic material for publications / exhibitions, and to attend national and international conferences. With this comes an exuberant cost of purchasing materials, photographing work, constructing crates for shipping, shipping work, paying entrance fees to juried competitions, and traveling to attend/participate in openings and lectures. I am applying for this Faculty and Librarian Research Grant to help alleviate the cost of some ongoing and upcoming creative activity I will be involved in this year.

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