The Cultural and Social Factors Linked to Salvia Use and Salvia-related Harms

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2008

Project Description/Abstract

Currently salvia is a legal hallucinogen in 33 states including Massachusetts. Many states have begun to criminalize the substance in response to media portrayals of the harms associated with its use. Still, we have very little knowledge about the population these policies are targeting. This project seeks to provide a description of this population through understanding the patterns, settings, rituals, and the individual significance attached to salvia use, and how those factors may cause harm. Through approximately 20 participant observations over 4 months and approximately 30 in-depth interviews of salvia users, this research seeks to elucidate the patterns of the salvia user. With a more comprehensive understanding of the salvia user’s lifestyle, norms and settings of use we could effectively address salvia use and salvia related-harms.

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