Explorations in Stainless Steel

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2011

Project Description/Abstract

What I intend to build are two pieces of sculpture, one titled Grasshopper and the other one Scorpion. I have designed these works in a CAD or computer aided design environment. I want to take this digital information and complete the works by building it in stainless steel so that the finished dimensions are approximately 96" x 108" x 72" for Grasshopper and 96" x 72" x 72" for Scorpion. Recently, with the acquisition of certain pieces of equipment, I have been able to move my work into some new directions. The work that I am proposing builds on experiences with some recent works that use tapering and curved forms. Much of my previous work has been a study of strong angular box forms. With a better plate roller that was acquired last year, I have a machine with greater control for shaping metal. This allows me to explore more subtle curvilinear forms.

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