Continuation of Exciting Results - Particle Physics Collaboration at Yale University

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2008

Project Description/Abstract

With ad-hoc support during my sabbatical (fall 06) and CART FLRG (summer and fall 07) I collaborated with Professor David DeMille at Yale University on a high-profile particle/fundamental physics experiment to gain insight into nature at the level of the basic building blocks of the particles and forces that govern all of the known universe. The work has been tremendously successful: the experimental apparatus has been completed, we ran preliminary tests and we have new results (my contributions have been parts of presentations at 4 meetings in ‘07 and 2 papers in progress for 08 - this work has also resulted in a submitted patent and a Physical Review Letter (top journal in physics) in ’07 as well). These successes have verified in principle our unique experiment and ‘on the way’ toward our more significant, and challenging, goal. I will use this CART award to complete the papers in progress, work to over come the issues that we have uncovered and perform the experimental runs toward the ultimate measurements (‘Z-zero’ interactions) that we will begin taking this summer.

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