New Artworks Addressing Contemporary Environmental, Social and Political Issues

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2008

Project Description/Abstract

The goal is to complete two bodies of artworks totaling 30-35 images and to disseminate them. The first are photomontages dealing with contemporary environmental, social, and political issues. The second are photomontages addressing the impacts of land use on climate change and diversity of living species. The problem is manifestation of my original digital-photographic artworks. One body of work is complete and the other is underway. However, the artworks exist only in digital form on the computer and need to be printed. The objectives are to print the work at an appropriate scale utilizing various archival print technologies that enhance the ideas expressed in the artworks, to make the artwork presentation and exhibition ready by creating a portable portfolio of 16” x 20” size prints and framing the larger, actual scale works, and to disseminate the artwork in exhibitions at conferences, non-profit art centers, colleges, universities, museums and/or public spaces.

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