To Whom God has Spoken: American Women in Word and Spirit, 1700-the Present

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2010

Project Description/Abstract

Although scholars have begun to examine American women's religious history, few published collections of their actual words and creative expressions exist. The proposed volume, an edited, thematic collection of primary source documents will fill this gap. The book will demonstrate the contexts and textures of American women's spiritual authority in the past, including those who claimed to speak for "God" or another deity. Drawing on my expertise in gender history and well-honed archival skills, my project will identify, edit and annotate the most illuminating and representative among American women's diverse religious voices. A FLRG will provide start-up time for the project. With two course releases and funds for initial research travel (2010-11), I will: (1) plan the book's approach and organization; (2) conduct digital and on-site archival research; (3) complete a literature review; and (4) draft a book proposal and sample chapter.

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