The Integration of Dance and Text: A study of the interplay between language and movement in performance

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2011

Project Description/Abstract

This project will consist of an analysis of the relationship of text to movement in two significant pieces of choreography: Liz Lerman’s Ferocious Beauty: Genome and Bill T. Jones’ Fondly Do We Hope, Fervently Do We Pray. These choreographers integrate narrative, scientific and historic text into their choreographic projects. The first part of my project is an in depth analysis of the relationship of text to movement in these works in terms of the density and content of the language and its juxtaposition against movement motifs, spatial context, and theatrical timing. The second part of the project I will apply the results of my observation and analysis to thoroughly review and amend my current work with author, Jon Turk. Lastly, I intend to apply this practical knowledge to the formation of a new work that will incorporate narrative and scientific text investigating brain science and experiential perception.

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