CARS Faculty and Librarian Research Grants are available for substantial individual projects for full-time tenured or tenure track BSU faculty and librarians. These grants support activities for faculty and librarian research projects, scholarship, and creative activity, and to provide time for these activities. This grant is funded through the Office of Academic Affairs by the Bridgewater Foundation.


Funded Projects from 2012

A Data Envelopment Analysis Model for Evaluating the Effects of Pollution Control Methods on Hazardous Air Emissions from Coal Power Plants, Kelley Donalds and Xiangrong Liu

Perception, Memory and Landscape, Mary Dondero

Participant Perceptions Following a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program: A Qualitative Interview Study, Michelle Mamberg

Intertextual Connections: The Impact of Interactive Read-Alouds and Discussions on Elementary Students' Writing During Writing Workshop, Jennifer Manak

An Evolution of the Latin Alphabet: Harvesting the Typographic Imagination of Italy, Donald Tarallo

Preparation of First Critical Edition of the Four Organ Sonatas and other Selected Works of Henry M. Dunham, Steven Young

Impact of Panama Canal Expansion and Market Analysis on Massport, Chien Wen Yu

Funded Projects from 2011

Voices of Educators - The Aha Moment, Jabbar Al-Obaidi and Thanh T. Nguyen

Milton and the End of Renaissance Friendship, Part Two, Gregory Chaplin

Pate de Verre Vessels, Leigh Craven

Pattern Prediction in Combustion, Laura K. Gross

Trade Patterns and International Relations in the China-Brazil-U.S. Triangle: A Mixed-Method Analysis, Martin Grossman and Chien Wen Yu

Men Accessing and Learning to Engage in Health Enhancing and Learning Programs (M.A.L.E. H.E.L.P.): Development and Testing of a Conceptual Model Regarding Access to Health Care, James E. Leone

Explorations in Stainless Steel, Rob Lorenson

Exploring Protein Synthesis as a Target for Anti-cancer Drugs, Boriana Marintcheva

Molecular Analysis of the Intestinal Microbial Community in an Herbivorous Snail, Caracolus Caracolla, Jennifer E. Mendell and Christopher P. Bloch

Canning Nature: Sardines and the Transformation of the Family Economy in Coastal New England and Atlantic Canada, 1875-2009, Brian Payne

Feminine Madness in the Japanese Noh Theatre, Minae Yamamoto Savas

Jerusalem & the Dome of the Rock: Books in Progress, Beatrice St. Laurent

The Integration of Dance and Text: A study of the interplay between language and movement in performance, Jody Weber

Establishing a Baseline Prevalence of Unwanted Sexual Experiences in a New England University, Richard Wright

Funded Projects from 2010

Mixed Media Artworks, Leigh Craven

Summer Joy: Life and Death in the Garden, Mary Dondero

Language Motivation and Performance of Portuguese Language Learners, Fernanda Ferreira

Structural and Biochemical Analysis of Translesion Synthesis DNA Polymerases, Samer Lone