Submissions from 2017


TretrisOS and BreakoutOS: Assembly Language Projects for Computer Organization, Michael Black

Value Added through Real World Readiness, Stephanie Jacobsen


“I didn’t think students like me got opportunities like this”: Using the RSD Framework to Address Equity Gaps in Undergraduate Research, Jenny Olin Shanahan

Submissions from 2016


Seven Semesters of Android Game Programming in CS2, Michael David Black

Archaeology & Preservation of Early Islamic Jerusalem: Revealing the 7th Century Mosque on the Haram Al-Sharif, Beatrice St. Laurent and Isam Awwad

Submissions from 2015


Sampling and Interpolation on Certain Nilpotent Lie Groups, Brad Currey, Azita Mayeli, and Vignon Oussa


The Examination of Upper Limb Ambidexterity in Wrestling Snap Down Technique, Nicholas DeCastro and Tong-Ching Tom Wu

Geochemical Evidence of Biotic Influence in Brazilian Pre-Salt Carbonates, Franciszek Hasiuk and Stephen E. Kaczmarek

SEM-Evidence of Biotic Influence in Brazilian Pre-Salt Carbonates, Stephen E. Kaczmarek and Franciszek J. Hasiuk

Stepwise Reaction Pathway and Temperature-Dependence of Dolomitization of Aragonite Ooids, Brian P. Thornton and Stephen E. Kaczmarek


Kinematic Comparisons between Forward and Backward Skating in Ice Hockey, Tong-Ching Tom Wu, David J. Pearsall, Pamela J. Russell, and Yuko Imanaka

Submissions from 2014


On Walsh-Fourier Bispectral Analysis, Mahmoud M. Gabr, Mahmoud El-Hashash, and Gehan S. Sabbah


Teaching with AudaCity: A Board Game for Urban Studies, Colby King and Matthew Cazessus


Epidemic Node Replica Detection in Sensor Networks, Narasimha Shashidhar, Chadi El Kari, and Rakesh Verma


Does Heterogeneity in Transfer Pricing Regulation affect Foreign Direct Investment?, Quoc Hung Tran

Submissions from 2013


Entrepreneurship: The Key to Global Competitiveness, Jon L. Bryan


The Impact of Government Policy on Economic Growth, Jon L. Bryan

Inspiring Educators to Employ Literacy Instruction and Nonfiction Materials Throughout the Content Subjects, Elaine M. Bukowiecki

Kinematic Analysis of Front Squat in Response to Loads, Joo-sung Kim, Tong-Ching Tom Wu, Nicholas Jillson, and Jennifer Morse

The Examination of Ankle Joint Motion between Barefoot and Minimalist Running Shoes During Gait Cycles, Stephanie Lloyd and Tong-Ching Tom Wu

The Examination of Shock Wave Attenuation in Running Shoes, Stephanie Lloyd and Tong-Ching Tom Wu

Tackling Experimental Design Concepts with Rubber Bands. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Boriana Marintcheva

The Effects of Load Mass on the Kinematics of Stiff-legged Deadlift, Jennifer Morse, Tong-Ching Tom Wu, Pamela J. Russell Dr, and Nicholas Jillson

A Kinematic Analysis of the Hip Motion on Thai Boxing Clinch, William Trial and Tong-Ching Tom Wu

The Effects of Stride on Bat Swing Time in Slo-pitch Hitting, Tong-Ching Tom Wu, Pierre Gervais, Pierre Baudin, and Marcel Bouffard