Student Voices on Writing

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This study sought to understand how our students viewed themselves as writers, particularly in relation to their self-identified best piece of college writing. Our study was conducted with 104 undergraduate students at a medium-sized public university. Students responded to a survey asking open-ended questions about their best paper in college. Responses were analyzed to identify four broad themes: paper attributes, reflections on the process, actions taken by students, and actions taken by professor. The results led us to an examination of which pedagogical practices by faculty members enabled students to feel like they had achieved their best piece of writing. We conclude with a description of how faculty members across the disciplines can attend to both the cognitive and affective domains of writing to best help their students achieve good writing.

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Hegbloom, M., Ramsey, L.R., Glen, N.J., Sabinin, P.D., Litvin, D.R., & Veisz, E. (2017). Student Voices on Writing. Across the Disciplines 14(2). https://wac.colostate.edu/atd/articles/hegbloometal2017.cfm