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A College of Education (CE) at a public university implemented an iPad policy four years ago requiring all juniors, seniors and graduate students to purchase an iPad. My focus was on students’ attitudes toward the requirement that they purchase and use iPads for their education courses and during student teaching. The research also included the students’ perception of any advantages and/or disadvantages the iPad offered in comparison to other technology. A qualitative survey and group interview were conducted to collect data from the students currently enrolled in their third and fourth year. The results showed students purchased the iPad to comply with the policy. Students reported the iPad was used in neither their courses nor the field but stated schools were using various other types of technology including tablets, laptops and smartboards. The university students also stated they used iPads for social networking, music and entertainment, and educational apps, and felt confident using technology going into the teaching field. Implications include a review of the policy, and continued professional development for faculty and students to develop technology skills.


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