The Literacy Coach: Preparation, Practice and Reflection

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Book Chapter


In this chapter, preparation, practice and reflection of classroom teachers as they learned about literacy coaching are thoroughly described. First, the particular graduate courses in which these teachers discovered the definitions, models, and responsibilities of a literacy coach and literacy coaching are presented. Next, the varied manner in which these graduate students practiced literacy coaching is pointed out. Finally, the teachers’ thoughts as they became literacy coaches to other educators in their schools/school districts are depicted. Paramount to this entire coaching experience is the change in these educators’ attitudes as they learned as much about themselves as teachers as they discovered about the teaching styles, beliefs, and classrooms of the peers they coached.

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Bukowiecki, E.M. (2012). The Literacy Coach: Preparation, Practice and Reflection. In M.W. Strong & A.B. Jay (Eds.), Promoting Quality Assurance in Literacy Instruction: The Preparation, Inquiries and Practices of Literacy Professionals (pp. 25-33). Philadelphia, PA: New Foundations Publishing.

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