Teaching the Importance of Word Choice for Diverse Learners' Reading and Writing Interactions

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Language, whether spoken by teachers and students, written by published authors in various literary genres, or scribed by students in their own writing, can be valuable and interesting. However, for many learners (second language speakers, and students experiencing difficulty in learning how to read) being able to read, comprehend, and apply specific vocabulary words and terms are not always easy to accomplish. In this highly interactive workshop, the presenter will guide participants to discover how an author’s word choice can lead to rich vocabulary learning and enhanced reading comprehension. By means of different participant activities, PowerPoint slides, varied text demonstrations/examinations, and discussion, the presenter will share a rationale and practical strategies to help students (kindergarten-grade 12) recognize the importance of word choice in different text genres and apply these particular words in their own writing.

Suggestions for mentor texts that model an author’s use of relevant words will be shared, along with sample mini-lessons to remind students to consider the value of word choice in their own written compositions. The presenter will point out the important difference in vocabulary choice found in fiction, nonfiction, and poems. This workshop should provide valuable instructional tools for preservice and inservice classroom teachers, reading specialists, second language teachers, and teacher educators as they impart the importance of word choice in reading, comprehending, and writing various texts. Participants will leave this workshop with a handout packet, novel ideas for their classrooms, and a new appreciation for the importance of word choice in different text genres.

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Bukowiecki, E.M. (2012). Teaching the Importance of Word Choice for Diverse Learners' Reading and Writing Interactions. In 17th European Conference on Reading: Proceedings (July 31-August 3, 2011; Mons, Belgium). CD-ROM.

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