Inducing Private Wildfire Risk Mitigation: Experimental Investigation of Measures on Adjacent Public Lands

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Increasing private wildfire risk mitigation is an important part of the larger forest restoration policy challenge. Data from an economic experiment are used to evaluate the effectiveness of providing fuel reductions on public land adjacent to private land to induce private wildfire risk mitigation. Results show evidence of “crowding out” where public spending can decrease the level of private risk mitigation. Findings also indicate that spending on private mitigation efforts increase when information about individual expenditures are made available and spending on public land fuel reductions are conditional upon a threshold level of private mitigation effort being achieved.

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Prante, T., Little, J. M., Jones, M. L., McKee, M., & Berrens, R. P., (2011). Inducing private wildfire risk mitigation: Experimental investigation of measures on adjacent public lands, Journal of Forest Economics, 17(4), 415-431. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jfe.2011.04.003