King of all mediums: A field study of college student's use of mediums for news

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As college students, involvement and knowledge of the world around them is crucial to success in their professions. Current news and information can be accessed much quicker than ever before. However, it is still important to find out which of the mediums are more realistic and bring up the daily issues at hand. This inquiry has become the locus of this research. One area is to consider is the level of media accessibility and availability for a college student. The operative question is not whether a particular medium has won the hearts and minds of students but, rather: What and why such a strong relation between a user and a medium has grown so fast and so strong. The analysis suggests that a critical approach to the kind of medium and its availability should be focuses on the quality of the message and the educational and intellectual message that a user may get out of die media experience.

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Lamb-Williams, C., Mordas, V., Al-Obaidi, J.A. (2004). King of all mediums: A field study of college students use of mediums for news. International Journal of Instructional Media, 31(3), 239-256.