Egyptian film: Gender and class violence three cycles

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In this paper the researcher attempts to introduce the level of physical and verbal violence that aimed, intentionally or unintentionally, at women (gender) and Alsa'ayda (class). The paper argues that Egyptian films produced in the 1950's and through the 1960s and 1970s lured the film-goers and the public at large to a wrong direction when the women issue is involved. At the present time, the expanding accessibility of Egyptian films to an engrossed and addictive audience have allowed it to present a stronger influence and play a crucial role in the reconstruction of gender and class identities in response to a variety of political, social, and religious changes in the country.

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Al-Obaidi, J.A. (2000). Egyptian film: Gender and class violence three cycles. International Journal of Instructional Media, 27(3), 261-274.