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16 x 11 cm.

Exhibit Dates

Nov. 9, 2015 - Feb. 7, 2016


Burt Stephen, Chaotic Atmosphere, Emily Stoneking, Nicholas Lampert


Clement C. Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State University


Illustrating the natural world has always been a human activity that is represented within caves, incunabula and scientific texts. This exhibition presents a selection of artists from the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators of New England that gives insight into the broad ranges of styles, techniques and subjects that the field of natural illustration encompasses. These works must communicate a wealth of information correctly; proportion, coloration, anatomical structure while illuminating its subject as natural and life-like. The techniques used to illustrate the natural world has been adopted by a broad base of contemporary artist’s which seek to incorporate the scientific accuracy and descriptions while creating entirely new creatures. These works look back to medieval manuscripts and bestiaries and forward to the hybridity of steampunk and science fiction. This exhibition highlights the commonality that science and art are both based on observations, articulation and concept. The works of Burt Stephen, Chaotic Atmosphere, Emily Stoneking and Nicholas Lampert will be at the Maxwell to give example to this crossover.