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32 x 44 cm.

Exhibit Dates

Aug. 10-Oct. 30, 2015


New England Sculpture Association


Clement C. Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State University


The act of discovery is a process—it is sometimes a slow series of motions to uncover what is not yet revealed, an unwinding as layer after layer is removed; it is sometimes a sudden realization that what you seek is before you. It is a journey that may be short or scenic; it may astound or bore you, but it will always engage you as an artist. Whether one carves, casts, chisels, shapes, or fabricates the medium, what was the stone or stump becomes the object, the output of one’s ideas, intelligence and imagination. What is produced is not simple. It is deceptive because once finished it embodies the decisions made by the artist to reach that point—it is the product of labor, craft, and purpose. It is what it no longer was.