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Shaun Bullens



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Promotional Material


16 x 11 cm.

Exhibit Dates

Aug. 15 – Oct. 1, 2014


Shaun Bullens


Wallace L. Anderson Gallery, Bridgewater State University

Note on the Artist(s)

Shaun Bullens is a graduate of Mass Art, RISD and North Bennet Street School. He maintains an active studio in Providence, Rhode Island.


Shaun Bullens brings to the Anderson an immersive installation using the time-honored skills, ideas and values found in the traditional artistry of 18th and 19th century fine furniture with the subtle and internalized symbolism found in the myths of Melville and the significant insights of Kevin Breel. The human life can be understood and defined by the active decisions and omissions we make; repressions and desires are cages and epic journeys which we as humans navigate in a shadowy conscious state. Bullens defines objects that reflect the epic journey that comprises life, while accepting the inevitable erosion of the memories and markers which are the sum compilation of our life’s narrative. These finely wrought and hand-made birdcages, harpoons and skeletal whaling boats speak quietly of lost cause, grand dreams and ultimately the human condition.