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Three Wars


A Note on previous publications:

“Tomorrow, the Sun!” was originally published in Z Miscellaneous, Vol 2, #6, November 1988. It was published in Dutch translation as “Morgan, de Zon!” in Horizon #53 [Liedekerke, Belgium], June 1989.

“The Service of Addam” was originally published in Crossroads #2, June 1992.

“General Weymouth Comes Home” was originally published in Dutch translation as “De Thuiskomst van General Weymouth” in Horizon #72 [Liedekerke, Belgium], June 1991. Horizon reprinted it, in English, in #76, February 1992. It has also been published in Segregansett Press Chapbook #7, General Weymouth & Other War Stories, February 1994.

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Mike Hurley is Associate Professor of English.

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