Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society




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In Honor of Dr. Barbara E. Luedtke:

  • Editor’s Note (Shirley Blancke)
  • Boston Harbor: The Shapes of Things Past and Present (Brona G. Simon)
  • Caddy Park, Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Massachusetts: Burial? Cenotaph? Cache? Or Offering? (Thomas Mahlstedt, Margo Muhl Davis)
  • Interpreting Diverse Marine Shell Deposits of the Woodland Period in Southern New England: Interrelationships among Subsistence, Symbolism, and Ceremonialism (Jordan E. Kerber)
  • Aspects of Attributing Human Use to Unworked Quartz: The Quartz Crystals from Magunco Praying Town, Massachusetts (John Paul Murphy)
  • Moving Beyond Irrelevant Relativism: Reflections on the Women from Ponkapoag Praying Town, Massachusetts (Joyce M. Clements)
  • Local Lithic Materials in Archaic Technologies: Mylonite and Amphibolite from the Castle Hill Site, Wayland, Massachusetts (Tanya Baroody Largy, Duncan Ritchie)
  • The Keene-Hayes Site, Auburn, Maine: A Multidisciplinary Learning Experience (Mary T. Concannon)


Spring, Fall 2002