Bulletin of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society





Publication Date

Spring 1998

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Note (Shirley Blancke)
  • Letters to the Editor (E. Otis Dyer, Jr., Russell H. Gardner)
  • Mass Strandings of the Long-Finned Pilot Whale on Cape Cod: Implications for Native American Subsistence and Settlement (James W. Bradley, Arthur E. Spiess, Greg Early)
  • Archaeological Investigations of Stone Pile Features within the Orchard Valley Estates Subdivision, Cranston, Rhode Island (Alan Leveillee)
  • Rediscovery of the Wyoming Quarry Site, Melrose, Massachusetts (Barbara E. Luedtke, O. Don Hermes, Duncan Ritchie)
  • Was Natick a Residential Praying Town in the Period before King Philip's War? (Richard W. Cogley)
  • Relics are Where You Find Them (William B. Taylor)
  • Report of a Radiocarbon Date from the Quinnetuk Narrows Site, Gill, Massachusetts (John Pretola)