The Graduate Review

About This Journal


During fall semester 2014, then Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, Dr. Karim Ismaili, convened a campus-wide group to develop guidelines for a journal of graduate research and creative scholarship. The committee included faculty from all colleges at Bridgewater State University and representatives from the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Maxwell Library as well as a graduate student. Dr. Elaine Bukowiecki, Graduate Faculty Fellow in the College of Graduate Studies, served as chair. In October 2014, Dr. Wendy Haynes assumed the position of Interim Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. From that point forward, Interim Dean Haynes and Graduate Faculty Fellow Bukowiecki guided the development of the journal with invaluable input and support from the committee. Work began with examining various graduate journals from other colleges and universities throughout the United States. This research guided the formation of BSU’s graduate journal. The committee developed journal guidelines and formed an advisory board. Finally, the committee chose the title, The Graduate Review: Journal of Graduate Research and Creative Scholarship as the masthead for this journal. President Dana Mohler-Faria formally announced The Graduate Review to the BSU community at the university’s Student Arts and Research Symposium (StARS) on April 27, 2015.

The Journey Continues

The first volume of The Graduate Review was published on June 30, 2016. This journal contained six varied and interesting articles along with three very creative artistic works. The authors and artists represented in Volume I of The Graduate Review were graduates or current graduate students from the departments of political science, English, criminal justice, special education, art, and the School of Social Work. A beautiful photograph entitled “Snow Dune” graced the cover of the journal.

On June 30, 2017, Volume II of The Graduate Review was published. This journal contained two poems, one short story, three commentaries, three research projects, and a series of themed artistic works. The authors and artist represented in Volume II of The Graduate Review were graduate students from the departments English, special education (TESOL program), computer science, and the School of Social Work. A poignant artistic work entitled “A Portrait of Mental Illness: Cast Ceramic and Plastic Head” graced the cover of the journal.

With Volumes I and II of The Graduate Review now published, the journal’s editor and advisory board are now accepting submissions for Volume III. Submissions to The Graduate Review will be accepted through March 1, 2018. Currently matriculated and recently graduated graduate students are eligible to submit their work to The Graduate Review. Each submitted work should have a faculty sponsor.

Submissions to The Graduate Review follow the double-blind review process. The journal’s advisory board initially reviews all submissions and then forwards these submissions to faculty members from relevant academic disciplines. Once the faculty reviews are complete, these reviews are forwarded to the journal submitters.

Projects Eligible for Publication in The Graduate Review

Research studies, creative writing, poetry, commentaries, book reviews, and artistic works are welcomed submissions for The Graduate Review. Works that are written or created by one student or co-authored or co-created by more than one student will be accepted for consideration. For co-authored/co-created works, at least one student should be a graduate student at Bridgewater State University.

How to Submit to The Graduate Review

Students may submit their work using the online submission form and guidelines found on this site.

By submitting, the authors/creators grant The Graduate Review permission to publish their work. The works published in The Graduate Review are the property of the individual contributors and may not be reprinted or duplicated without consent.