Submissions from 2018

The Courage to Recover Student-Centered Learning: Plato’s Laches, Jordan Barkalow


Queer Settlers in a One-Room Schoolhouse: A Decolonial Queerscape Pedagogy, Garrett W. Nichols


Fostering Sustainable Bioeconomies: The Role of Conscious Consumption, Madhavi Venkatesan


Promoting Sustainability: The Role of Smart Cities, Madhavi Venkatesan


Sustainability and Civic Engagement: A Communications Engagement and Education Plan, Madhavi Venkatesan, Jordan Remy, and Andrew Sukeforth

Submissions from 2017


Introduction: Rethinking Dubliners: A Case for What Happens in Joyce's Stories, Claire A. Culleton and Ellen Scheible


Vātsyāyana: Cognition as a Guide to Action, Matthew R. Dasti

Stannis--Knight of Faith or Tragic Hero?, William J. Devlin

The Impact of Gender in the Legislative Process, Brian Frederick and Shannon Jenkins


Arte de Conducta: On Tania Bruguera’s Tatlin’s Whisper Series, Andres David Montenegro Rosero


Learning With Avatars: Exploring Mixed Reality Simulations for Next-Generation Teaching and Learning, Kristin M. Murphy, Jon Cash, and Janna Jackson Kellinger


Joyce's Mirror Stages and "The Dead", Ellen Scheible

The Function of Gesture in Mathematical and Scientific Discourse in the Classroom, Melissa Singer

Explicit Economics: Addressing Conscious Consumption for Sustainability, Madhavi Venkatesan


Promoting a University Culture of Sustainability: The Role of Conscious Consumption, Madhavi Venkatesan

Smart Economic Development, Madhavi Venkatesan

The Role of Policy in Preventing Sexual Violence, Richard Wright

Submissions from 2016

Bunny Lang and the Cambridge Poets’ Theatre in the 1950s, Heidi R. Bean

Introduction: On Returning to The Boys in the Band, Matt Bell


The Prefigurative Is Political: On Politics Beyond 'The State', Emily Brissette

Organizations Advocating Gun Control, Walter F. Carroll

Computer Crime Victimization and Criminological Perspectives, Kyung-shick Choi


Talking about Writing across the Secondary and College Community, Michelle Cox and Phyllis Gimbel


The Benefits and Risks of Feminist Practice as Early Career Scholars in Social Psychology, Nicola Curtin, Laura R. Ramsey, and Julia Tran

Gerald Ford: Plan to Whip Inflation Now, Jason A. Edwards


Controversies in Partner Violence, Denise A. Hines, Emily M. Douglas, and Murray A. Straus

Dream Delay, Dream Decay: Dreaming at Sacred Sites, Curtiss Hoffman

Introductory Overview of Archaeology's Shifting Paradigms, Curtiss Hoffman

Sport and Identities in Quebec, Andrew C. Holman

Social Capital, Collective Action, and Collaboration, Deniz Leuenberger and Christine Reed


Addressing the Private Wildfire Risk Mitigation Paradox in a Climate-Altered Wildland Urban Interface, Joseph M. Little, Tyler Prante, Michael L. Jones, Michael McKee, and Robert P. Berrens

From Bursa to Jerusalem: From Yeşil Turbe to the Dome of the Rock, Beatrice St. Laurent


Sustainability in the University Curriculum: Teaching Introductory Economics, Madhavi Venkatesan


Sustainable Development, the Significance of Culture: Foundations of Present Practices and Indigenous Reflections, Madhavi Venkatesan


The Relationship between Consumption and Sustainability: Assessing the Effect of Life Cycle Costs on Market Price, Madhavi Venkatesan

Submissions from 2015

Remapping Settler Colonial Territories: Bringing Local Native Knowledge into the Classroom, Joyce Rain Anderson

Sexual Violence and Restorative Justice, Jo-Ann Della Giustina

An Analysis of Truth in Kuhn's Philosophical Enterprise, William J. Devlin

The Era of Shinplasters: Making Sense of Unregulated Paper Money, Joshua R. Greenberg


Sports Nutrition: Supplements/Performance-Enhancing Drugs, Kathleen M. Laquale


Is Work-family Conflict a Multilevel Stressor Linking Job Conditions to Mental Health? Evidence from the Work, Family and Health Network, Phyllis Moen, Anne Kaduk, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Leslie Hammer, Orfeu M. Buxton, Emily O’Donnell, David Almeida, Kimberly Fox, Eric Tranby, J. Michael Oakes, and Lynne Casper

Environmental Criminology and Sexual Violence Prevention, Khadija Monk

Developing a Dialogue: Constructivist Convergence in Psychotherapy and Beyond, Robert A. Neimeyer, Donald Meichenbaum, and Caroline M. Stanley

Conflict and In/Security in Global Life, Sandra Popiden

The Criminalization of Adolescent Sexuality, Kallee Spooner and Richard G. Wright


Beyond Horror: Surviving Sexual Abuse in Carmel Winters’ Snap, Kathleen Vejvoda


Values, Behaviors, and Economic Outcomes: Sustainability in the Teaching of Economics, Madhavi Venkatesan


Long-Term Research in the Luquillo Mountains: Synthesis and Foundations for the Future, Michael R. Willig, Christopher P. Bloch, Alan P. Covich, Charles A.S. Hall, D. Jean Lodge, Ariel E. Lugo, Whendee L. Silver, Robert B. Waide, Lawrence R. Walker, and Jess K. Zimmerman

Internet Sex Offending and the Online Sting, Richard Wright

An Interview with Patty Wetterling, Richard G. Wright