Tools for Computer Architecture and Organization

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Bridgewater State University’s Architecture and Organization course includes the specified thirty-six hours of core content outlined in the ACM 2008 curricular guidelines; it also introduces programming in x86 assembler language. To cover all this material in a three-hour course, the authors developed Excel spreadsheets to perform mathematical operations in any base, implement truth tables, illustrate Kmaps, and implement a carry lookahead adder. A method illustrating subroutine linkage was developed. Digital circuits were color coded and presented in a series of successively more complete snapshots.

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Lorenzen, T., Sattar, A., & Mondshein, L. (2011). Tools for Computer Architecture and Organization. ACM Inroads, 2(1), 29-30. https://doi.org/10.1145/1929887.1929901