Submissions from 1999


The CTLA-4 gene is expressed in placental fibroblasts, K. Kaufman, Jeffery Bowen, A. F. Tsai, J. A. Bluestone, J. S. Hunt, and C. Ober


Nomenclatural novelties in Nuphar (Nymphaeaceae), Donald Padgett


Phylogenetic relationships in Nuphar (Nymphaeaceae): Evidence from morphology, chloroplast DNA, and nuclear ribosomal DNA, Donald Padgett, D. H. Les, and G. E. Crow

Submissions from 1998

Endocrine control of trophoblast-uterine interactions and the peri-implantation process, R. C. Burghardt, Jeffery Bowen, and F. W. Bazer