Submissions from 2016


Parent Perceptions of Connectedness in a Full Service Community School Project, Ming-E Chen, Jeffrey Alvin Anderson, and Lara Watkins

Caches or Offerings? Ceremonial Objects from the First Terrace of the Middleborough Little League Site (19-PL-520), Curtiss Hoffman

Dream Delay, Dream Decay: Dreaming at Sacred Sites, Curtiss Hoffman

Introductory Overview of Archaeology's Shifting Paradigms, Curtiss Hoffman

Native American Nationalism and Nation Re-building: Past and Present Cases, Simone Poliandri

Submissions from 2015

A Quantitative Analysis of Stone Features at the Buell Hill Site in Killingworth, Connecticut, Curtiss Hoffman


Putting a Price on Zen: The Business of Redefining Religion for Global Consumption, Joshua A. Irizarry

Submissions from 2014

Culture and Consciousness: An Undergraduate Seminar Incorporating Dreamwork, Curtiss Hoffman

Wings over Numenor: Lucid Dreaming in the Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, Curtiss Hoffman

Weaving Dreams in the Classroom: Practical Ideas for Teaching about Dreams and Dreaming at Every Grade Level, including Adult Education, Curtiss Hoffman and Jacquie E. Lewis

Submissions from 2013


Research Articles in Dreaming: A Review of the First 20 Years, Curtiss Hoffman


[Review of the book Drawing on Tradition: Manga, Anime, and Religion in Contemporary Japan by Jolyon Baraka Thomas], Joshua A. Irizarry

Pan paniscus Gracile Chimpanzee (Bonobo, Pygmy Chimpanzee), Gay E. Reinartz, Ellen J. Ingmanson, and Hilde Vervaecke

Submissions from 2012


[Review of the book: Sex Panic and the Punitive State by Roger N. Lancaster], Sandra Faiman-Silva

Application of human-based sensory integration therapy for improving the well-being of a captive chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), Ellen J. Ingmanson, T. A. May-Benson, S. Braccini, I. Porton, T. Hunnicutt, and M. L. Bauman

Submissions from 2011


Anthropologists and Two Spirit People: Building Bridges and Sharing Knowledge, Sandra Faiman-Silva


Introductory Overview of Archaeology's and Cultural Anthropology's Shifting Paradigms, Curtiss Hoffman

Social behavior and proximity to group members in a captive chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) identified with sensory integration difficulties, Ellen J. Ingmanson, T. A. May-Benson, T. Hunnicutt, S. Braccini, I. Porton, M. A. Weber, and M. L. Bauman

Submissions from 2010


Review of the book Downtown Ladies: Informal Commercial Importers, A Haitian Anthropologist, and Self-making in Jamaica, Diana Fox

Chimpanzee behavioral anomalies: possible sensory integration difficulties in a captive individual (Pan troglodytes), Ellen J. Ingmanson, T. A. May-Benson, T. Hunnicutt, I. Porton, M. A. Weber, J. R. Pruitt Jr., D. Q. Beversdorf, and M. L. Bauman

Submissions from 2009


Provincetown queer: paradoxes of 'identity, space, and place', Sandra Faiman-Silva

Infant development and the use of gestures in a captive group of white-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys), Ellen J. Ingmanson

Submissions from 2008

How Choctaws Invented Civilization and Why Choctaws Will Conquer the World, Sandra Faiman-Silva

Synchronizing behavior: the use of gestural communication in a captive group of white-cheeked gibbons (Hylobates concolor), Ellen J. Ingmanson

Submissions from 2007


Indian Gaming and Tribal Sovereignty: Vulnerable, Provisional, Contested, Sandra Faiman-Silva